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Podcast interview: Guest on COFFEE BY TWO

Updated: May 3, 2020

Extracts from host Pawan's blog

“I was a writer and I didn’t feel like writing.”

A lot of life is just a story.

We tell ourselves stories about what success means, about our sense of self-importance and about how we’re always too busy to do the things we really want to.

Few of us realize that we can actually change that story, if not fully, at least partially. Rewrite the script. Tinker with it.

Kunj Shah was an executive creative director creative director in a top 5 advertising agency.

Until that point in her career, her graph showed just one trajectory – upward. Work on national brands, awards, incessant travel, promotions, the works.

Then one day she fell off the corporate radar.

If her transition were to be plotted on a movie storyboard, it would show her in a fancy office one day and atop a mountain the next.

An unexpected twist in the tale to say the least.

When she felt that what she was doing lacked depth and meaning, she took a leap of faith and quit corporate life

“Someone I really respect told me I would feel bored in 3 weeks. It’s been 3 years now.”

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