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About Me

Hi! I'm Kunj. I live in Bangalore, India, but my heart travels to many parts of the world everyday.

I have been an advertising copywriter for 18 years and I love telling a good story. The first 6-7 years of my work career, I was the committed, middle-class Indian workerbee who also proved her calibre by not taking much leave.


But a trip into Gujarat, my home state, 10 years ago, quite literally opened my eyes to living outside the cubefarm. My style of travel and journey places evolve with every trip I make. But I know I am most inspired when I'm on the road.

While there is food and culture to discover, meeting people is what I love most about travel. I've met the nicest people along the way and the world is a wonderful place, after all.

I always pack a pen and a notebook and all my travels have handwritten accounts, stashed away in my study. I am not a big fan of making every detail of my journey public. This blog is to share my stories and my knowledge. And hopefully, turn more friends into travellers, and more travellers into friends.

Mailbox in Dresden, Germany
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